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The down turn in the global economy also affected businesses in South Africa. Not all businesses were affected at the same time and with the same magnitude. The businesses least affected were more agile and flexible.

Factors that play an important role in a companies’ agility is the companies’ ability to truly understand its cost structures and the sensitivity of the product or service to changes in the market place. This knowledge together with a thorough understanding of the breakeven point for your products and/or services is crucial for the survival of your business.

Such an understanding and knowledge allows decision makers to make quick but informed decisions with regards to potential changes to the pricing of your services and/or products in order to remain competitive and still ensure a sustainable business.

It is further crucial for companies to understand the impact of changes in the local and international market and financial conditions on their own business. This is only possible if there is a good and comprehensive understanding of the cost structure and the behaviour of the cost elements of the services and/or products in specific conditions.

We at Inovum understand this and can assist you in gaining a better understanding of these elements within your business.

We have more than ten years’ experience in dealing with customers in various industries, big and small. Our consultants have been involved in contract negotiations and have been responsible for the commercial aspects (including the actual pricing and commercial model) of outsourcing contracts in excess of R6bn.

We value our customers and understand that each business has its own unique aspects that needs to be considered, but with us there is no company to big or to small. If your business is important to you, it is important to us.

 Meet the Director of Inovum

Marisa von Brandis is the owner and principle consultant at Inovum. She successfully managed teams of very diverse individuals and has the ability and experience to liaise with customers on various levels including board level.

She has been involved in the strategy development for multi billion Rand deals and also participated in the development of the overall company strategy. She has the ability to function strategically but also on a detailed analytical level, always keeping the bigger picture in mind. Being part of the core negotiation team on multi billion Rand deals also equipped her with the tools necessary to deal with complex and sometimes difficult situations. She has the ability to view a situation from various perspectives and to mediate a true win-win situation for all involved. She has been an integral part of the sales process for more than ten years and assisted sales teams in the successful conclusion of many major deals. Her specialties are pricing, contract negotiations, strategy, mediation and coaching (executive and life coaching).

She recently completed the Certificate in Coaching Practice through the University of Stellenbosch’s Business School and was awarded the Director’s award for the best student for the Coaching Practice course for 2013.

Marisa’s goal and objective ultimately is to share her knowledge and experience with others; to make a difference within the community that she lives in.

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