Additional Services

We also provide the following services:

Internal recovery models

Companies often find themselves in a position where one department or division render services to other departments or divisions within the company and need to recover the costs from those departments or divisions receiving the services.We can assist you in developing a structure for the internal recovery that support your business strategy and the behaviour you need to enforce within your company.

Business cases for new investments, expansions, etc

Making a new investment requires careful consideration of many factors such as the return on the investment, the potential impact of not making the investment, etc. It is further key to ensure that all costs are considered and taken into consideration.

Assistance with back- to -back agreements with suppliers and customers

-In a situation where there are more than one service provider involved in the rendering of a service it is crucial to ensure alignment between the various parties. Each party need to understand the scope of its involvement and obligations and the impact of not delivering on those obligations.One method to achieve this is through back- to -back agreements between the relevant parties. This is a very effective tool to ensure that each party is committed and properly contracted to deliver.

Alignment of service levels to business requirements -

Service levels provide a company with an effective way to ensure that a supplier render the services contracted in a manner that supports the business objectives and protects the company from losses, both monetary and otherwise, when an outing occur that may have a severe impact on the company’s existence.It is therefore crucial to ensure that service levels achieve this objective.