Sourcing of Services

We join forces with associates and together we form a team that comprise of senior executives that have represented some of the global leaders in ICT Outsourcing and Services and we have extensive experience working for large and/or multi-national organizations, both on the service receiver and service provider side.

Our combined team has been involved in large and extensive contract negotiations. We have access to an onboard legal representative and have a good working relationship with a reputable law firm.  Our combined team is well versed with IBM, BCX, T Systems, BT and other Outsourcing Service Providers, both locally and globally.

The value that we bring to the table for any customer lies within the experience, knowledge and skills of our consultants. Within our combined consultant base we have more than twenty years of experience and knowledge in dealing with big contracts, both on the service recipient and service provider side. This allows for a proper understanding of what can and cannot work in an outsourcing relationship. Our aim is to assist in creating a relationship where both the service provider and the service recipient can work together in a partnership, where innovation can happen and where the business objectives of both parties can be achieved.

Companies are finding that outsourcing simply doesn’t provide the cost savings they had hoped for or the value that they expected. Many outsourcing transactions have been disappointing and have not realised the expected benefits or service enhancements.

We assist organisations that are either considering outsourcing for the first time or who are already in an outsourcing arrangement and need to re-evaluate their business case.

We advise clients how to optimise ICT outsourcing decisions and to improve the ROI on existing outsourced contracts.

This service includes the following aspects:

  • Formulation of Outsource Strategy
  • —Implementation of Outsource Strategy
  • Quality Assurance of Contract Implementation
  • Contract Assessment