The key factor of success

Posted by on Nov 15, 2013 in slider

Understanding your cost structures and determining the correct target price for your products and/or services is one step forward towards a sustainable business.

Another key factor for the success of your business is knowing and understanding what motivates each one of your employees. I would even go as far as saying that this is the most important success factor for your business.

Senior and executive management of companies, big or small, often misjudge the important role that their employees play in the company’s success or lack there of. Employees are often seen as a “necessary evil” instead of the valuable asset that they could be to a company should management understand how to motivate and lead its employees.

There is one aspect that stands out if you look at all the highly successful companies around the world; their employees enjoy working there, they are happy while they are at work, they feel appreciated and valued. They will go the extra mile without much persuasion from their management.

Research has shown that people who feel that they are appreciated and valued, have the freedom to voice their opinion and are empowered to make decisions are more productive and creative than people who work in an environment where they are scared to voice their opinion or provide input and feel as though they are merely a number on a payroll system.

Our brains work in mysterious ways. When someone feels appreciated and valued that person’s brain literally allows the creative juices to flow. The person will feel more energetic and will as a result, also be more productive. Try to remember what you experienced when you were most successful in your career. You felt alive, you achieved more in less time and you were able to find solutions to challenges that you experienced.

Compare this to when you didn’t really enjoy your work that much. If you look at the environment you were working in you will probably recall that you didn’t have a voice, that any challenge you experienced seemed too big to overcome and you didn’t feel supported. People often cannot understand why they feel this way, why they do not have the energy to get up in the morning and go to work. This is all the result of your brain going into “flight mode”. Your brain literally does not allow you to be creative and productive in such an environment.

And, it’s not all about money………

Managers often make the mistake to think that money is the only motivation needed by their employees. I have learned from personal experience that money only become an issue when other crucial aspects such as empowerment and support are missing. People are motivated through different aspects. Yes, money may be a motivator for some people, but not to everyone.

This is why it is so important to know your employees. You need to understand why an employee gets up in the morning to come to work. What motivates him or her to be committed while at work and to not surf the Internet or read blogs or social media instead of focusing on their work. It could be to provide for a family. It could be to gain knowledge and learn….

This knowledge is powerful. It will allow you to link the success of your company to that of your individual employees. They will feel appreciated and valued, and you will experience the return of the time invested in your employees through a substantial increase in your bottom line. This creates a true win-win situation for everyone!


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