Costing and costing models

    • One of the most crucial factors in any business decision is the understanding of the impact of such a decision on your real cost base and therefore the sustainability of your organisation. Cost elements have different behaviour patterns, some will remain fixed, some will vary based on the changes you are planning or the growth of your business and others will remain fix until a certain point in time and only change once you’ve reach a certain limit. It is crucial to understand this behaviour of the cost elements in your business. We can assist you in understanding the behaviour of your cost elements to enable informed decision making in your business environment.
    • It is also extremely important to understand your real true cost base. Important cost elements are often ignored when decisions are made. We can assist you in ensuring that you do cover all elements when determining the potential outcome of business decisions.


A true and proper understanding of all your cost elements is not only essential when you are making decisions with regards to changes or expansion of your business but also in the day to day running of your business operations.